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Cleaning Supplies Scotland

Bathgate-based Trichem Scotland manufacture commercial cleaning chemicals and provide janitorial supplies to restaurants, hotels and care homes.

We look after the cleaning requirements of restaurants, hotels and care homes in Scotland

Trichem Scotland are a manufacturer?and supplier of commercial cleaning chemicals as well as cleaning supplies Scotland. Restaurants, hotels and care homes in Scotland trust Trichem with their cleaning requirements. We help our customers in the hospitality and health care sectors to keep their environments clean and smelling fresh. Read our most recent blog articles - the top 7 cleaning chemicals to use in your kitchen.

Cleaning Supplies

cleaning supplies Scotland - commercial cleaning chemicals

The cleaning chemicals are manufactured in-house so that we can provide our clients with quality products they require.

Paper Products

cleaning supplies Scotland - buy wholesale toilet paper scotland

Check out our wide range of paper products, including toilet tissue, napkins, couch rolls, facial tissues, hand towels and centre feed rolls.

Janitorial Products

janitorial and cleaning supplies scotland

We also provide a large ?selection of janitorial products, such as buckets, bins, mops, brushes, bin bags and much more.

Save money

cleaning supplies Scotland - save money
We manufacture our own cleaning chemicals, so we can offer best prices. We saved one of our clients 57% of their detergent costs!

Next-day delivery

cleaning supplies Scotland - Free Delivery

Due to our central location in Bathgate, West Lothian, 95% our customers receive their orders within 1 business day of ordering.

Make the switch

cleaning supplies Scotland - best suppliers in Scotland

Try before you buy! If you don't like our products - no money lost. We are confident that you and your staff will love them!

Are your current cleaning products doing their job?

  • Are your dishwashers and glass washers working ok and produce sparkling clean crockery?
  • Do your cleaning products do the job and clean surfaces, ovens and floors first time and leave a pleasent smell?
  • After using cleaning products, is there a greasy or sticky residue on the surfaces you have used them on?
  • Do the glasses come out of the glass washer with drying marks on them?
  • Any lipstick marks left on glasses?
  • Are your cleaning products not effective in reducing smell in the bathrooms?
  • Is your monthly cost too high?for paper products, such as centre feed rolls, toilet paper, hand towels?
  • Does your current provider give you all the correct MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)
  • Is the ordering process quick and easy?
  • Do you receive the products?quickly (next day) and free of charge?

What's the process?

Send us an email or give us a call.

Arrange a convenient time for our rep to drop by.

He will only need 20 minutes of your time.

You will receive a box of sample products to try, no extra charge for you!

Worried about quality of our product?

?Try them out free of charge.

Do you think there might be hidden costs?

Delivery is free on all orders over £50.

Too much time commitment for staff training?

We have online training videos which you and your staff can?watch when it is convenient to you.

Delivery takes too long?

95% of our customers in Scotland receive their order the next business day.

Will the staff like the new products?

Ask them to try them for free!

Worried it takes too long to set up an account?

New customers are usually up and running within 2-3 working days, if not sooner.

You don't want to pay upfront?

All our customers have an account and receive a monthly invoice.

Will the prices increase over time?

We actually provide an annual review of your spend and suggest potential cost savings.

Worried that the product range is too limited?

Check out our Trade-only website where our customers can order their products directly.

Start your free trial

You could receive your trial products within a few days.

Our Reps - Cleaning Supplies Scotland

Meet our team

Cleaning Supplies Scotland

Not just cleaning supplies! Trichem Scotland combines all requirements for safer cleaning operations

Whether you look after a care home or require a reliable cleaning supplier for your hospitality business. We strive to provide all the requirements necessary to operate in a clean and safe environment.?

24-hour delivery

You need it, we deliver it. Orders placed by 3 PM will be delivered next day.

Hygiene Monitoring

We help you put in place control measures to prevent problems by adhering to the latest legislation.


ATP Testing

We can provide ATP Testing on a monthly basis to ensure equipment and product sanitation standards are always met.

Reduce Waste

Save hundreds of kg of plastic waste per year by having large cleaning containers automatically picked up by Trichem for re-use and recycling.

COSHH Training

All your staff have access to our online portal, where they can take part in regular online training course to learn or refresh their knowledge.?

New-Start Training

We have put together a comprehensive training which is particularly useful for new-starts in your organisation, making sure they are up-to-date with recent guidelines and requirements.


Product Videos

We regularly add product videos to our online portal explaining the safe use in any given environment.

Regular Usage Audits

We help you make sure that you don't over-order and keep surplus stock at your premises by regularly checking usage of products and amending the order values and helping you reduce costs.

Safety Audit

Once a year, as part of your contract, we will perform a safety audit at your premises ensuring all products are used correctly.

Trichem Chemicals are probably the best products we have worked with on an industrial basis.

- Fiona Hamilton, Housekeeper, Glenbervie Care

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